Dance Academy Private classes

Private classes

Learn to dance quickly with private classes to give your dancing a boost!

You can book private classes in the comfort of your own environment or anywhere is comfortable for you! Salsa Spirit owns also a private danceroom with mirros.

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Salsa Spirit offers private lessons in:

  • Salsa la style
  • Kizomba
  • Mambo on2
  • Ladystyling
  • Bachata shines
  • Bachata
  • Reggeaton
  • Bodymovement/isolation
  • Choreography childeren
  • Choreography wedding dances (couples)

Why private classes?

In private classes you can focus on so much more than you can in a general class. Timing, movement, style and technique are all important elements that you have little or no time to work on in a general class.

In private classes you can dedicate much more time to these elements at an individual level.